Day 12: It’s gonna be a good day

American Falls, ID ➡️ Rexburg, ID

Total Mileage: 101.4

Running Mileage: 8 + 2 (1 extra leg)

Overall Running Mileage: 11 + 11 + 11 + 10.5 + 11 + 10 + 14 + 7 + 10 = 95.5

I woke up this morning at 4:30am per usual. Some days it’s hard, other days, it’s easier. Today was one of the easier days… but it might have been because I fell asleep last night at or before 10PM as opposed to my normal 5ish hours of sleep on the trip. On the plus side, today’s sunrise was especially gorgeous. I was partnered with Dani, and we got a really good view of the sun rising over the country road.

On my runs with Dani, I got to learn about her hometown and career aspirations. It’s really cool because she’s really familiar with the East Coast area but not so much farther west. In comparison, I know the Midwest but that’s about it (maybe a little bit of upper East Coast, but not that much). Also, there are a lot of people on this trip who want to go into the medical field. It’s incredible because I’m used to business majors, and not people who are or did major in dietetics, engineering, biology, etc.

Like usual, we took the wrong turn somewhere along the way and ended up on ID-30 instead of a country road. Ironically, while waiting for Abby and Natalie to finish, a sheriff pulled up behind us. Alexis was very concerned, but I just casually rolled down the window and was like, “‘Sup sheriff.” Lol just kidding. But I did calmly explain what we were waiting for (runners). It turned out he just wanted us to move off of the “emergency vehicle road for my safety and your safety”. We pulled into a driveway and did a U-turn to go pick up the runners and drive away from the watching sheriff. Plus get us back on track to Rexburg.

We stopped by a gas station to used the restroom (typical occurrence, we get tired of finding the sometimes non-existent bushes). The store owners were the nicest gas station owners I’ve ever met. They donated sandwiches (okay, I know they weren’t that good, but come on, it’s a convenience store guys), Powerades/Gatorades, and snacks. Bless them for being so supportive and amazing. 

Coincidentally, we ended our run at the Idaho Potato Museum, where it costed $4 to enter. We skipped it, but while outside waiting for the remaining runners to get back, Van 1 of Team Baltimore pulled up! It was really neat to see Becca from Team Baltimore and hear a little bit on how her run & team are going. We also took a photo together and Emily B sent it to Maeve to share on the Facebook wall. 

While in Idaho Falls, we decided to try the Chick-Fil-A that Seth said Team Baltimore got a food buffet from last year. Unfortunately, we struck out, but straight across from the restaurant was a running store! We stopped by and Natalie finally got shoes to replace her dying ones. The pair she was wearing were falling apart on her and hurting her legs. It’s funny, because most girls want to get shoes who look good, but comfy over style 100% for running. So while Natalie didn’t consider the Hoka One Clifton series pretty, she committed to getting them. I tried on the Altra shoes, which features zero drop. It was awesome to walk around in, like walking barefoot essentially. But they were not the right shoes to run in. The zero-drop didn’t feel good running-wise. 

I took a nap before helping Emily B make dinner, woohoo! It’s my first nap on this trip, and while it didn’t last that long, I was really grateful for it. Post-dinner, I went with Abby, EmD, Jake, Kaitlyn, and Seth to go to a froyo location for wifi. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and this began our adventure for wifi. We walked towards BYU-Idaho’s campus to use its library, but couldn’t find it. Then we went to the laundromat, only to find out it stopped working after two minutes. Finally, EmD called a couple more locations and scored a location at a restaurant called The Burg. When we got there, some people got small shakes, which turned out to be pretty massive. It’s a shame because it also lends itself to being wasteful. Thursdays are open mic nights at The Burg, and the opener was already there, with her stuff set up. She didn’t take social cues very well, and Jake accidentally befriended Meg (the lady at open mic). However, she was a fantastic singer, so that 100% made up for her bugging us for the entirety of pre-open mic night. The rest of the acts were not very good, which was kinda disappointing after such a great opener.

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