Day 11: Splickity Quick

Twin Falls, ID ➡️ American Falls, ID

Total Mileage: 91.8

Running Mileage: 7

Total Running Mileage: 11 + 11 + 11 + 10.5 + 11 + 10 + 14 + 7 = 85.5

I ran with Gabe and Tori today since David was still recovering. Gabe and I were so excited for this steep decline and incline that we purposely called 5th leg. Plot twist: it was a cliff with a deep valley and river running through. There was a bridge between the two cliffs to cross. So if we actually had ran that… we woulda died off the cliff.

Some running and driving highlights:

  • While we were in the van, we drove through a creepy narrow tunnel where Tori was so sure we wouldn’t fit, and I just wanted to make sure the runners had even passed through. But it all worked out.
  • We cruised on our legs today, where most averaged around 7:40 a mile. Our last one, I wanted to do around 7 flat, but we ended up going a little faster which was awesome. Especially since it felt good like a tempo pace.
  • We saw the Rockies in the distance for the first time today and imleared that Yellowstone’s circumference is about 800 miles.
  • Alexis called me on the phone because she and Sofie got threatened/chased by a German Shepherd. But everything worked out alright.

We got to the host American Falls High School early (beating the other van again, yay!), only to find out the principal was not there and he could not be reached by phone. So we lazed around in the sun and grass while waiting. We ate lunch in front of the school because the host van got us Chick-Fil-A, yay! Plus strawberries, peanut butter filled pretzels, and other yummies. We’ve gotten pretty lucky with donations so  far on this trip. Especially compared to what Seth was saying about Team Baltimore last year, how they ate pb sandwiches for three days straight. 

We gave a refresh to our vans today! 

A small group of us went to a shoe store about half an hour away to get Natalienew  shoes. While there, I saw the new Hoka slides and really wanted it for this trip even though I didn’t necessarily need it. Afterwards, we snagged a pre-dinner treat with some ice cream close by. The shop was really cute, with some Hello Kitty couches on display. The lady made her own flavors, including huckleberry of course, which is really common out here in the west. I’ve seen huckleberry based jams, syrups, honey, etc. in a lot of shops. Other ones I sampled were monster cookie (cookie dough n Oreos), cookies n cream, andone that I forget lol. 

The principal helped donate 10 pizzas to us for dinner (surprise surprise more pizza for dinner). I gave massages to Tori and Lindsi’s calves while talking to the people who were sitting around us. Afterwards, I rolled out myself to work out the knots in my legs, especially my calves and hamstrings. I was so tired that I ended up passing out working on my blog (what’s new right?).

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