Day 10: Team Steven

Boise, ID ➡️ Twin Falls, ID

Mileage: 154.8

Running Mileage: 14

Total Running Mileage: 11 + 11 + 11 + 10.5 + 11 + 10 + 14 = 78.5

We dedicated today’s run to Steven. Quoting my teammate’s (Alexis) heartfelt words to Lisa, the mother of Steven, today Team New York became Team Steven. During dedication circle, David felt faint again, so I’m sending him healthy vibes and hopefully he gets better soon.

Getting to the location was a dozy. We took multiple rough turns/U-turns to get to the halfway mark, where we needed to be to start our segment. But we finally made it thank goodness. Also we later found out that van 1 also took the wrong turns. So the directions basically were confusing. 

We pulled aside for a quick restroom break and at the location there was a menu with wompus as one of the main foods. Someone said a wompus was a cat and we were horrified. At least until someone else looked it up on the internet and found out it wasn’t a cat because that’s an urban myth. But now we actually don’t know what it is. 

EmD was my partner for today, and we chatted pretty much the entire run. Might have contributed to our sub 8 pace for literally every leg besides the first one (by im convinced the GPS was a little off since it couldn’t load at first). There were a couple of times I got sprayed by truck dirt and other crap. Plus with so many farm animals on the country road ID-30, it reminded me of Indiana and the countryside of Franklin. 

A cargo train passed by EmD and me on our first leg, the first time I’ve seen one this trip! We had a really long gradual hill, which we slayed. Also, we got to see the Salmon Falls from afar, which was super pretty. 
I couldn’t wait to get to the host and shower though by the end because it was a long day and I felt grody. We beat Van 1, woohoo, kinda weird cuz normally I feel like the shorter leg van should finish before the longer van. 

It was nice to have a host switch up dinner from the standard pasta with spaghetti sauce. Instead, we had fried chicken and pasta salad, plus dessert (first host to do so!). We went to the Shoshone Falls after dinner. Which apparently are not the Twin Falls, which I would have thought we would go to because it’s the name of the city. But apparently the Shoshone Falls are prettier. With the angle of the sun hitting the waterfall and rocks in the right spot, it really was beautiful. Although I would have liked to have gone down and feel the spray of it. My legs were tired from the day’s run, so Abby and I looked for a way to sit down yet be able to see most of the falls. We saw a bench and sat down on the top edge of the seat. 100% the best spot. Plus we saw the cutest dog ever. 

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