Day 9: Boise Mess

We started our day with a fright: one of the guys, David, reached up to wipe his nose and fell over. He started to seize up, but then didn’t (luckily). Rachel stayed behind while I went with the group to St. Alphonsus Hospital to deliver chemo bags that we had packed last night. 

The hospital visit wasn’t what I had expected. I thought we would be visiting with more patients and hearing their stories. Instead, we listened to a short presentation about the hospital and did a facility tour of their pharmacy, infusion and radiation rooms, library, and internal systems. It was more about the hospital and less about the patient interactions. With the David scenario, I totally zoned out of the presentation, so I couldn’t really tell you what I learned. They had a pretty cool wish tree where people can cut a colored ribbon, write a wish, and tie it to the tree. 

Afterwards, half of us went to go visit David at the hospital and we stayed until he was released around 1. Luckily, he tested negative for everything. David was hungry and Abby really wanted waffles, so we went back to BFC, where there was a Waffle Me Up place in the same building. 

A small group of us went to Table Rock to check out the view of Boise. The hike was about 2 miles long on a dusty, unshaded trail with an incline. I had some good discussions with Gabe, Abby, and Jake. We hiked to the top where the cross was located. The view was incredible and worth the climb. The wind was refreshing after the hot hike up, and I spent some time with my eyes closed just enjoying the breeze on my face. Then we went back to this cavern looking place to scope out some geology before heading down. On the steep downhill, a painted B existed. Casually just chilling there. Gabe kept pointing out how the distance we see is not even the distance we cover each day in our runs. Crazy huh. Somehow, Baris ended up in most of my scenic photos, which is kind of annoying, but I’ll deal since I want to remember the trip. We were so parched by the time we got back to the bottom because we didn’t have water. 

For dinner, we went to Melanie Smith’s house, a friend of my 4K alum mentor Lala! She was so sweet and washed our clothes, so we didn’t have to go find a laundromat or wash our clothes in the sink. Plus she fed us yummy kale salad and fruits. There was also a potato bar but I wanted to save room in my stomach to eat more kale so I skipped the tator. I was so tired at dinner that I almost passed out on the couch. But of course, when I got back, I was awake again. 

Today, we dedicated our day to Steven Homsle, who would have been a part of 2016 Team New York had he not contracted terminal cancer and passed away a month and a half ago. I read aloud the eulogy that Steven’s mom sent, and it touched everyone on the team. We took a moment of silence after for him. It made me reflect on how life is short, and to appreciate the happy moments in life. 

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