Day 8: crossing over for some taters

Vale, OR ➡️ Boise, ID

Total Mileage: 65.9

Running Mileage: 5 + 2.5 + 2.5 (2 extra legs)

Overall Mileage: 11 + 11 + 11 + 10.5 + 11 + 10 = 64.5

Today, I ran with Tori, and Abby joined for our leg. It felt really good to be running fast for a change, plus it was on flat ground. Tori and I also hopped in with Kaitlyn and Abby for their 2 legs as shakeout runs. 

We crossed our second border today! Idaho, where we will stay for approximately 5 days. 

I got the Boise Fry Company to donate fries for all 28 of us. It’s a restaurant that has 7 different potatoes and 4 different cuts. I got the Laura, which was sort of a blend between gold and purple. It was definitely a dipping fry, but had a potential stand alone flavor. 

Afterwards, we showered at the local Y and then headed to a park to enjoy a cookout dinner with a 4K alumna. It was great to hear her perspective on the 4K and the challenges + enjoyable parts of the run. She is pictured on the lower right with her family. Additionally, she brought her pet dog Chewy, which was so adorable. 

Most of the 4K runners ended the night with a drink at a tiki bar downtown to unwind from the long days of running. We bonded over our love of running, shared laughs about entertaining stories, and made it back home by 11:30pm to retire for the night. 

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