Day 4: Rest Day in Burney, CA

Fun fact about Burney, CA: It was originally named “The valley where Burney was killed” after a few men passing through found Samuel Burney’s body, who was killed by local Indians. 

Our first rest day! I slept in until around 6am today. Since we’ve been getting up at 4:30am, I think my body is just confused on what time it is. We stayed in Burney, CA, a population of about 3600 people. Small enough that I can walk to the local supermarket and main restaurants in 5 minutes. The Word of Life Assembly Church is an incredible host. They reached out to the community of Burney, and has provided us with dinner both yesterday and today, breakfast for today and tomorrow, and lunch today. As a person who has worked in the host van, I am relieved that we didn’t have to go find food. Additionally, they lodged us in a gymnasium with ample space, equipped with snacks like yummy beet juice. 
We took a picnic with our Subway sandwiches at Burney Falls, the first of our many falls that we will go to. It was insane how much the temperature dropped once we got near the falls. Since we are constantly on the move, i felt impelled to stay up top and appreciate the falls as opposed to running down with everyone and joining in on the pictures. While up top, I also bonded with Seth, one of the guys on my trip that I’ve only recently started to get to know better (Day 3). It’s really cool that he’s doing 4K again (his experience this year is already different from the previous year), and I know Rachel and I both appreciate his knowledge and familiarity with the program. Plus I love talking about running and nutrition so we had a great conversation about them. The team also tried to visit the beach, but that failed after the route was closed due to safety hazards. 

I’m not the most confident swimmer (I really suck), so I was terrified of jumping in, as the video can attest to when I got in and panicked. Whoops. But I knew that I was safe 100% the whole time and would regret not jumping in for the experience. ​

​​​Gepetto’s Pizza donated pizza for us at night. A journalist for one of the local newspapers came to take our photo, and then he also serenaded us with a song called “Running in the Mountain of Love”. 

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