Day 3: First full leg!

Corning, CA ➡️ Burney, CA

Day’s Mileage: 140.1

Running Mileage: 10 + 1 (0.5 extra leg)

Total Running Mileage: 11 + 11 = 22

Back in the running vans for Day 3, we are headed from Corning, CA to Burney, CA. In Van 1 again, we did around 70 miles collectively berreen 7 pairs. The elevation was insane! 6000 ft, and most of it came at the end. I checked my elevation chart on Strava at the end of it, and the latter legs were 45 degree angles for the most part. 

Because we got up at 4:30 in the morning, we were able to start running by 5:45, which was when the sun rose. I accidentally read the map directions wrong so my teammates and I had to backtrack to the right road (oops). Running with Patty, (who is also from the city!), I got to learn more about who she is as a person. I forgot how much I missed conversation with people while running until today. Because the mountains are higher and shaded more, it turned out that it was hotter in the lower elevation. It looked like any other country road in the Midwest, except for the mountains in the background. We also didn’t have the best sort of lunch (leftover rice and spaghetti and a lack of plastic silverware), so we improvised. 

​We finished out portion of the run when we drove into Lassen Volcanic Park (which was closed so we ended up rerouting to get to the host site). A steep incline, we saw the snow on the ground and had a brief mini snowball fight! It was also weird that it was so much cooler. The run was so pretty and completing my first full day was really exciting. I had so much energy for my last leg with Patty because I couldn’t help feeling happy that I was accomplishing my purpose of running for something greater than just myself. 

Our final elevation

I’m pretty excited for rest day tomorrow, as I’ll be checking out the Burney Falls with the rest of my team.

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