Day 2 Donations and Reasons Why We Run

Day 2: Yuba City, CA –> Corning, CA

Day’s Mileage: ???

Running Mileage: 0

Total Running Mileage: 11

Today, I was in the host van with my teammate Baris getting food donations for my teammates. 4K participants need to find food and supply donations because it allows the money we raised to go towards the programs Ulman Cancer Fund supports. Asking stores was a lot easier this time than training because it was happening in real time. It was awesome to see how generous and caring people were when they heard about our mission. Our first donation (half an hour in to our start) was a gift card from Wal-Mart! As a group, we prefer gift cards because we can customize it to what he Team is running short on (e.g. Sunscreen, medical supplies, fruit, salad, etc.). In 3 hours, we were able to get bags of fruit (nectarines, strawberries, peaches, apples, and bananas) and two watermelons donated to us. The last fruit donation was really cool because I spoke in Spanish with the lady to get us the fresh local peaches! And seeing my teammates’ faces light up when we brought them the watermelons and other fruits was so rewarding.

We also got them lunch, and I learned how complicated it can be compared to a grocery store. Dietary needs have to be met, but businesses might be too busy to entertain us. Regardless, we were still able to get a donation from Subway, a Mexican restaurant and a Chinese place in Corning. Plus, we were 5 for 8 in the beginning donations and 3 for 5 in the latter half, so anything beyond 50% is successful. 

Later that night, we did our reasons on why we run and our expectations. For others privacy, I’ll essentially sum it up as: there are people running here because they want to make a bigger difference in driving awareness for cancer and running across the country is a crazy, hard, and rewarding experience. Some people are doing 4K to help them grieve and find closure. Others like me, who aren’t personally impacted by cancer, run because it’s a humanitarian and philanthropic endeavor. Additionally, I run because I know that the mental and physical pain I suffer is nothing compared to cancer patients and survivors. As one of my teammates said, there will be days where we are not going to want to get up and run because we are tired. But you eventually remember those who are in greater pain than you, and you find the inspiration to move on. Being Day 2, I know that the rough patch is still yet to come. We ended the session with some tears and group hugs.

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