It’s about 45 min out from lights out, so I’ll try and be brief. But I met everyone on the trip!!! So exciting to finally put names & faces together, and not just insta/FB stalk them on my feeds (haha). But training itself has been tiring, because we’ve been going over policies, procedures, van driving (they’re 14-seaters… so like a mini-bus), CPR cert, etc. Plus everyone wants to chat and get to know each other, so it’s easy to get side-tracked.

The main highlight yesterday besides meeting everyone was the sendoff dinner! We received our jerseys (!), took some group photos (hopefully they’ll be up on the 4K Facebook page soon), and heard from a scholarship winner! It was moving to hear a cancer survivor speak about his fight with cancer and how he is utilizing the scholarship he got to further his education in music.

Today, more training, but we got some free time in the evening to go exploring. A couple of my teammates, Shana and EmD, and I went to Chinatown, where we got bubble tea from Boba Guys. The line was ridiculously long, but the bubble tea was worth it. Then we went over to the Full House house, and walked to the Painted Ladies houses across from Alamo Square Park. And we got dinner at Soulva, a yummy Greek restaurant.

Since we had our 4K sweatshirts on, we expected people to ask about 4K- and they did! It’s exciting to tell people about our cause and what we are doing for young adults with cancer. The positive and encouraging words help reaffirm my decision (not that the people on the team aren’t already) to run across the country for a mission, for someone other than myself. I can’t wait to see how this experience changes me and everyone else!

Less than 10 hours from sendoff! Ahhh!!!

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