How to Help the New York Run

You can support my New York run in three ways.

Make a direct donation to Ulman Cancer Fund.

You can access my link here: 90% of what you donate will go directly back to the young adult with cancer support programs.

Supply gift cards, and supplies.

To minimize operational costs and ensure that all the money raised by me goes back to its intended purpose, I, along with the other runners, will be living off of donations provided by welcoming organizations and companies in the communities we pass through. Specifically, any gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores will help us purchase the food needed to sustain us on the road. Additionally, supplies include sunscreen, bug spray, athletic tape, Luna bars/other protein bars, Clif Gels, and other athletic needs. To help us out with gift cards and/or supplies, please contact me via email:

Spread my mission by word of mouth, social media, etc.

I love getting the word out about the wonderful cause the 4K for Cancer supports. Your support in my mission is incredible, and I appreciate the time and thought you put in my cause.

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